How clean is your carpet?
Test it with the Hygiene-o-meter

Are you a shining example to the rest of us when it comes to keeping your home clean and tidy or is housework something you fit in as and when it gets too much to bear? Try our home hygiene quiz to find out……….

Q1 Which one of the following statements applies to you?

a) I am very house proud and clean and clean from top to bottom once a week/ tidy all the time
b) I like to keep my home clean but I’m not obsessed with housework
c) I hate doing housework and do anything to avoid doing it. A bit of dirt won’t hurt anyone

Q2 What motivates you to clean and tidy your home?

a) I hate the thought of dirt and germs lying around my home
b) If I feel that it needs a clean or if I am having people over to visit
c) Nothing. A bit of mess adds character

Q3 How often do you vacuum your carpet?

a) At least two or three times a week – I can’t bear the thought of a filthy carpet
b) About once a week
c) What’s a vacuum cleaner?

Q4 Have you ever eaten something after you dropped it on the carpet?

a) Urgh! That’s disgusting – of course not
b) Once or twice, but only if it didn’t have any fluff attached to it
c) All the time – as long as you follow the 15 second rule and pick up your food within 15 seconds of it hitting the floor, you’re OK

Q5 Have you ever washed your carpet?

a) Yes. I wash it a few times each year to get rid of all the ground-in dirt
b) Once or twice – around Christmas or during my spring clean
c) Never. Why would I need to wash my carpet?

Q6 If you spilt something on your carpet and it left a dirty mark, what would you do?

a) Wash my carpet to ensure that every last bit of dirt was cleaned up
b) Scrub the area and hope for all the dirt to be removed
c) Move a piece of furniture to cover up the mark and try and forget about it

Vax – Hygiene Test Answers

Score of 1 point for all c) answers, 2 points for b) answers and 3 points for a) answers

0 - 6 Filthy Dirty!

Did you know that a neglected carpet can contain up to four times its weight in dirt which can include everything from oil, grease and food particles through to soil, dead skin, dust mites and even chemical pollutants. And you’ve probably eaten food off it! The only way that you are going to be able to get rid of all that dirt is by washing your carpet regularly. It’s not as much hard work as it sounds. Try one of the new Rapide carpet washer’s from Vax - they are really easy to use and with very little effort, you can get rid of all that grime in no time at all.

7 - 15 A Little Grubby!

Just because you can’t see the dirt doesn’t mean that it is not there and that’s especially true of your carpet. You may give it a once over with a vacuum every now and again, but you’d be surprised at how much oil, grease, dead skin, dust mites, food particles and chemical pollutants lurks beneath the fibres. Washing your carpet regularly is the only way to shift the muck so try whizzing over yours with a Vax Rapide, an extremely easy-to-use carpet washer which will get rid of all the ground-in grime in no time at all.

15 - 18 A Shining Example!

Polish your halo because you are a shining example to us all! Your house is probably the envy of your friends because it is so clean and tidy. You are well aware of the fact that just because you can’t see the dirt, doesn’t mean it’s not there. You also know that by regularly washing your carpets, for example, with a Vax Rapide, you can get rid of all of the muck and grime that a vacuum cleaner just cannot reach. Well done you! Keep up the good work!