Need to clean your carpet?

What to look for when looking for a new domestic cleaner or housekeeper to keep your carpets clean

  • Friendly Professional with home cleaning experience
  • checkable references with landline numbers you can call
  • Hourly rates of £10 - £15 p/h‎ depending on where you live in the UK. Agree  the hourly rate in writing so there is not confusion later on
  • Trust your gut instinct, if something feels wrong then it probably is
  • Clean a room really well and show it to the cleaner saying this is the standard you expect
  • Don't try and ask a cleaner to clean a 5 bedroom house top to bottom in two hours, allow at least half an hour a room, and add more time on for ironing, washing etc
  • Set larger tasks as every week or fortnight
  • Ensure the times she is to clean the kids are at school.
  • Explain locks and security
  • Give her clear contact details on who to call if there is a problem
  • Treat her with respect and she will respect your home
  • Advertise locally or call Maid2lclean on 0800 056 59 52 who will help find a cleaner living in your area and advise you and the dos and don'ts of hiring a cleaner for your home